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Fabricators of Container-Based Structures

IAS accredits fabricator’s inspection program that modify Intermodal Shipping Containers that are repurposed as buildings and building components. The accreditation is based on requirements in IAS Accreditation Criteria AC786, International Building Code® and related standards. The accreditation criteria covers the fabricator’s written fabrication procedures and quality control manuals that provide a basis for control of materials and workmanship of shipping container elements that are essential for structural safety in modified containers.

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IAS Accreditation for Container-Based Structures
  • Verification that approved fabricators meet requirements as described in Chapter 17 of the IBC.
  • The benchmark for companies that modify Intermodal Shipping Containers.
  • Provides a level of confidence that container-based structures will be fabricated according to code and specifications.
  • Recognized by the National Portable Storage Association (NPSA) and International Code Council (ICC).

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