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Forensic Laboratories and Inspection Agencies

ISO/IEC 17020

ISO/IEC 17025


IAS accredits forensic testing/calibration laboratories to ISO/IEC Standard 17025 and forensic related inspection activities to ISO/IEC Standard 17020.

IAS provides accreditation to the following forensic analysis related categories:

  • Law enforcement agencies and crime laboratories

  • Medical examiner offices and public health agencies

  • Environmental testing laboratories and breath alcohol calibration laboratories

  • Animal drug testing laboratories

  • Computer/IT forensic investigation organizations

  • Academic institutions

Forensic Testing and Calibration Laboratory Accreditation

IAS accredited forensic testing or calibration laboratories demonstrate to the marketplace and to regulators that  accreditation requirements are met and are periodically monitored for compliance. The accreditation process involves an assessment of the forensic laboratories technical competence for performing sampling, testing and/or calibration services. Forensic analysis service providers will have a standardized, efficient system devoted to quality of testing performance with increased accountability.

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Forensic Inspection Agency

IAS assesses forensic inspection agencies’ competence for performing inspections and the consistency of their inspection activities. IAS accredits agencies that perform inspections of materials, products, installations or processes.

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Inspection Agencies, Calibration Laboratories, and Testing Laboratories accredited by IAS benefit from IAS’s recognition as a signatory to the Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA) with the Asia Pacific Accreditation Cooperation (APAC) and the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC). The MRA supports international trade by promoting confidence and acceptance of accredited testing reports.

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