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Aerospace Quality Management System Certification Bodies

AS 9100, AS 9110, AS 9120

As part of the Aerospace and Defense (AS&D) supply chain management processes, the Industry Controlled Other Party (ICOP) certification scheme qualifies all organizations that purchase goods and services to be recognized and accepted through the AS certifications issued by Aerospace Quality Management System Certification Bodies (ASCBs) accredited by International Accreditation Service (IAS). IAS has achieved recognition under the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG) to serve the “Americas” region covering North, Central and South America. The IAQG is the scheme owner of the worldwide operated  Industry Controlled Other Party (ICOP) certification scheme.  The Americas Aerospace Quality Group (AAQG) manages this ICOP certification scheme for the Americas through the Americas Certification Oversight team (ACOT).

The IAQG Certification Scheme is designed to streamline the certification processes and minimize the complexities and costs associated with supplier audits. This framework offers a roadmap for the impartial, accredited third-party certification of aviation, space, and defense products.

By having suppliers certified under this scheme, aerospace companies can rest assured that the products and services they receive meet the requirements of the industry’s stringent standards.

The ICOP Scheme requires certification bodies operating in the ICOP Scheme to be accredited by an accreditation body that is a signatory to the IAF Multilateral Recognition Arrangement (MLA) with a main scope of management system certification.  The Scheme sets voluntary standards for certification within the worldwide supply chain of the aviation, space, and defense industry. IAS provides accreditation services to ASCBs for AS9100, AS9110, and AS9120 Aerospace Quality Management System (AQMS) standards. Many major AS&D manufacturers require their direct suppliers be AS certified and recommend that all of the AS&D supply chain be AS third-party audited.


As a pre-requisite all applicant ASCBs shall:

a) first be accredited to latest version of ISO/IEC 17021 and applicable IAF mandatory documents.

b) be accredited to ISO 9001 certification for at least one year by IAS or an IAF MLA signatory accreditation body.

Notes on Standards
  • AS9104/1A, AS9104/2A, AS9104/3A, AS9100, AS 9101, AS9110, and AS9120 are the standards developed by IAQG and published by SAE International.
  • AS9100, AS9110, and AS9120 are subordinate standards for accreditation as well as certification.
  • AS101G has Audit Requirements for Aviation, Space, and Defense Organizations and it will be referred by AB and CB for assessment/audit purpose.
  • IAS is recognized to accredit CBs to AS9100, AS9110, and AS9120 AQMS standards.
  • The AQMS standards (for aviation, space, and defense) contain the requirements of ISO 9001 and additional industry requirements.

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