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ISO/IEC Standards Courses

The Laboratory QA/QC Standard (ISO/IEC 17025):


The Inspection Body Standard – Understanding ISO/IEC 17020

The Product Certification Body Standard – Understanding ISO/IEC 17065

ISO/IEC 17025 Quality Management System (QMS) Webinar Series

Webinar 1 – Accreditation vs. Certification? Which one should I choose?

Webinar 2 – The Route to Accreditation

Webinar 3 – Implementing Efficient Management Systems

Webinar 4 – How to Conduct an Effective Internal Audit

   Webinar 5 – Management Reviews Simplified

Webinar 6 – Corrective Actions, Learning from our Mistakes

Webinar 7 – Understanding Measurement Uncertainty

  Webinar 8 – Risks and Opportunities – Risk-based Thinking in Management System

Webinar 9 – What is Decision Rule and why should Laboratories care?

                                                                              Webinar 10 – Easy ways to Establish Competence of Lab Personnel

                                                                              Webinar 11 – How to Identify Valid Certificates