Curriculum Development Accreditation

IAS provides accreditation for organizations that develop  curricula for professional-development training  programs. The accreditation is based on IAS Accreditation Criteria for Curriculum Development for Work Force Qualification Programs (AC372). Getting accredited requires curriculum developers to demonstrate that the content of their curricula comply with nationally recognized standards of quality for “best practices.” IAS requires that organizations have formally documented processes that are effectively implemented and regularly monitored to ensure their continuing suitability and effectiveness.

IAS Accreditation for Curriculum Development
  • IAS accreditation strengthens the professional and academic reputation of curriculum development programs.
  • Provides independent verification that the content of curriculum development programs accurately reflect current professional standards of practice, and meet nationally-recognized standards of quality, including ASTM E2659.
  • Special relevance to the unique needs of training agencies for the construction crafts, contractors, and construction regulators.
  • Assures acceptance of curricula which is referenced by IAS-accredited training agencies.

IAS also offers a related accreditation program (AC371) to verify the competence of training agencies.


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