Inspection Programs for Manufacturers of Metal Building Systems

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The IAS Inspection Program for Manufacturers of Metal Building Systems is a comprehensive accreditation program based on the requirements of Chapter 17 of the International Building Code® (IBC).

The criteria used to assess manufacturers pursuing accreditation is IAS Accreditation Criteria for Inspection Programs for Manufacturers of Metal Building Systems (AC472).

The criteria (AC472) has three parts. Part A covers fabrication of structural weldments and cold-formed products requiring welding; Part B covers fabrication of cold-formed products not requiring welding; and Part C deals with the design of metal buildings.

The inspection program outlined in AC472 addresses quality management system elements such as personnel requirements, product traceability, process control, and various administrative and technical requirements.

Code Officials, Architects, Specifiers and Contractors

The accreditation criteria (AC472) covers all metal building system elements that are essential for code officials, architects, specifiers and contractors  to confidently design, specify, build or approve, IAS-accredited fabricators of metal buildings.

Technology for manufacturing metal building systems has evolved to the point where the structural elements and components of almost all metal building structures are fabricated at facilities remote from the erection site. While the erection of the building can be monitored on site for some building code requirements, most elements of a metal building (built-up structural steel members, secondary members such as cold-formed steel or steel joists, and welding and bolting processes) must be inspected during fabrication and verified as being compliance with the code.

Of particular significance to code officials is the fact that AC472 covers all Chapter 17 requirements of the IBC that apply to quality control and inspection of metal building manufacturers. Among other things, IAS accreditation measures a manufacturer's ability to conform to approved construction documents and standards referenced in the building codes through, on-site assessment by IAS staff and periodic monitoring by IAS-accredited third-party inspection agencies.


In October 2007, the Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA) approached IAS with a request that IAS develop an accreditation program for inspection of its member metal building manufacturers. The program was to be designed to serve the needs of both MBMA members and code officials and other regulators. Over the next several months, IAS staff worked with the MBMA to develop a comprehensive accreditation program for the inspection of the metal-building fabrication process, based on the requirements of Chapter 17 of the International Building Code® (IBC).

The culmination of the cooperative efforts of IAS and the MBMA is the IAS Accreditation Criteria for Inspection Programs for Manufacturers of Metal Building Systems (AC472). In April 2008, the proposed AC472 was placed on the agenda of the IAS Accreditation Committee and discussed in a public hearing. Following testimony from members of the MBMA and interested parties, the proposed AC472 was approved by the Committee with an effective date of May 1, 2008. Since its initial approval, AC472 has undergone several revisions approved by the IAS Accreditation Committee in September 2008, May 2010, April 2011 and, the most recent version, August 2012. IAS criteria are revised periodically to take into consideration technical matters, code changes or other refinements to maintain them up-to-date both administratively and technically.


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